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You can get a free NHS hearing aid from Hearbase at Cuckoo Lane Practice, Ealing.

Hesrbase NHS hearing aids Ealing

Hearbase is working in partnership with the NHS to provide you with a free hearing aid and follow-up aftercare. You need to be referred by your GP who will give you a letter containing the information you will need to give us when you ring to arrange your appointment.

These are the steps:

  1. Ask your GP to refer you to Hearbase at Cuckoo Lane Practice, Ealing to be assessed for your NHS hearing aid.
  2. If your GP sends your referral to us by email we will contact you, normally by telephone, within 48 hours to arrange an appointment for you. If you are referred by Choose and Book your GP will give you a letter and you will need to telephone us to arrange the appointment.
  3. We will normally arrange an assessment appointment within a few weeks when you will have a hearing test and your hearing aid options will be discussed.
  4. You will normally be given an appointment to be fitted with your hearing aid within two to three weeks. At this appointment you will be given all the information you need to get you started with the hearing aid, including how to get used to it, how to operate it and how to look after it.
  5. We will arrange to contact you to check that everything is going well with your hearing aid and to make follow-up appointments.

You can contact us at any time if you need further advice or support.

Patient information for NHS hearing aids Ealing

This is an appointment-only service and if you need to see us you should first telephone 01303 256995 or email us at

Wheelchair access is available at the front of the building and then a lift will bring patients up to the surgery. There are toilets for the disabled. There is a blue badge scheme for disable parking and a hearing loop system.

We operate a postal battery service and your audiologist will give you information about this at your fitting appointment.

Our address is Cuckoo Lane Practice, First Floor, 20 Church Road, Hanwell, Ealing, London. W7 1DR

For all inquiries telephone 01303 256995 or email

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