Looking after your hearing aidsPrevention is better than cure. Looking after your hearing aids by following this simple advice will pay off with years of trouble free service.

You can get cleaning and drying materials to help look after your hearing aids. While these are not provided free by the NHS, they may be worth considering. They will keep your aid in perfect working order. To find out more about these products follow the links.

10 Rules For A Reliable Hearing Aid

  1. Keep wax and moisture out. Inspect the aid after use and clear out wax from the ear mould with a cleaning tool. If there is moisture in the tube, remove the mould from the aid and blow it out or use special equipment for the job.
  2. Change the tubing when it gets hard. The tubing should be flexible. When it is hard it shrinks and the aid may not fit your ear correctly. The lack of flexibility puts strain on the ear hook of the aid and may cause damage.
  3. Find out where the microphone is from the instruction book and brush it gently. A microphone blockage will stop the aid working and a partial microphone blockage will affect sound quality.
  4. Wipe the aid after use. Remove debris and oils from the skin that collect on the aid to prevent damage to switches and controls and microphone blockage.
  5. Avoid the use of hairspray and cosmetics when wearing the aid.  These products may contain solvents that can damage the aid, so spray your hair before you put your hearing aid in your ear.
  6. Use the case.  Use the case or box that was provided to help protect your hearing aid from the environment and reduce the risk of accidental damage.
  7. Look after your spare batteries.  Store them in a dry place. Moisture will shorten the shelf life and the working life of a hearing aid battery.
  8. Don’t drop it – hearing aids are sensitive. Repeatedly dropping the hearing aid will damage the microphone which will distort the sound.
  9. Don’t wear it in the shower. NHS hearing aids are not waterproof. If your hearing aid gets wet try drying it out in the airing cupboard with the battery out for 48 hours.
  10. Look after your ears.  Keep your ears free of wax and moisture so that your hearing aid does not get blocked.

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