Are NHS hearing aids any good?

Are NHS hearing aids any good is a question people often ask. Although hearing aids cannot give you perfect hearing, they should help you to hear everyday sounds such as the doorbell, the telephone and the kettle boiling. They should also help you to follow what people are saying so that conversation becomes much easier and more relaxed.

You will probably find that it is helpful to watch people’s faces at the same time. In noisy places you may still find it difficult to follow what people are saying. Most hearing aids are designed to reduce certain kinds of background noise, such as the rumble of traffic or the whirr of a fan. This makes listening more comfortable but you may still struggle to pick out one voice from the general chatter. Wearing an aid in both ears may help you to focus better on what you want to listen to.

Using a hearing aid won’t make your hearing worse

Take time to get used to wearing a hearing aid and become accustomed to the sound of it. If, after a few months, you feel that it is not helping you to hear what you want to in your everyday life, then you should go back to your audiologist. They may be able to adjust it to suit you better.

Your hearing aid should never make sounds uncomfortably loud for you. If it does you should ask your audiologist to adjust it.

Your hearing may seem ‘dull’ when you take your aid off but that is just because you have become used to hearing much better with it. Using a hearing aid won’t make your hearing worse.